The Aberdeen & District Newsletter is a free publication for the residents of Aberdeen and district, made possible by funding from the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Aberdeen, the RM of Aberdeen, advertisements, subscriptions, and donations.


Editor: Ann Maille
Phone: (306) 253-4885
Submission Deadline: 20th of every month.
Published monthly, except July & August.

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Print subscriptions are $25 annually, for those who do not live in the newsletter distribution area. Electronic subscriptions (PDF format) are free of charge. Please send your email address to to be added to the distribution list.

Advertising Rates & Policies

Business card size: $25.00 annually (10 issues)
Quarter page or less: $8.00 per issue
Half page or less: $15.00 per issue
Full page or less (black & white): $30.00 per issue

These fees apply, without exception, to everyone who advertises anything for which they expect to get money in return. If any portion of your article solicits money, we expect you to pay for the entire article. This applies, but is not limited, to: raffles, bake sales, items for sale, fund raisers, fowl or fall suppers, ticket sales, services for sale, business advertising, etc. Your submission should be accompanied by cheque (made payable to "Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce") or cash. Please note that payment MUST be received by the 25th of the month, or your submission will NOT be included in the newsletter.

The deadline for both content and advertising for each issue is the 20th of every month. Submissions can be dropped off at Aberdeen post office, or made electronically to


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